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The Society was formed in 2005 by eleven founder members - there are currently twenty.
It is anticipated that in due course membership will rise to 25. This is for practical reasons as there are limited venues for a large group. However, it is hoped, in the course of time, the society will operate on a much larger scale. As well as promoting watercolour as a serious medium, the society hopes to show the diversity of technique; ranging from botanical illustration across the spectrum to abstraction. There is no definitive style as a group! Membership is open to artists living and working in Cornwall. New members (on application) are voted in by the society. According to the rules laid down in the constitution.

Nev Akroyd, John Blight(Chair), Jenny Brazier, Yvonne Carter, Saul Cathcart, Liz Cleaves, Joan Cockett, Lisa Cooper, Rosiland Eastman, Marc Gibbons, Hilary Jean Gibson, Susan Hillier, Jacqueline Jarvis, Stewart Lowdon(Hon Member), Nicky May, Michael Moss, Richard Muir, David Penhale(Vice Chair), Don Redwood, Karen Smith(Secretary), Martin Venning.

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thumbnailTrereife Horses
thumbnailPort Isaac
thumbnailThe Fowey
at Respryn
thumbnailJanuary at
thumbnailField work
thumbnailFlying a Kite
thumbnailSt.Leonards Bridge
thumbnailHaydah Farm
thumbnailGarden Summer
thumbnailSummer 2010
thumbnailBax at Fenteroon
thumbnailGlobe Artichoke
thumbnailSwan Watching
thumbnailPurple Irises
thumbnailShadows, wind & Swell
To date the society has exhibited three times each year at different venues across the country.
For further details contact the society through John Blight (chair): The Camelford Gallery.

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